Hi I’m Claudia

Your holistic health coach

Helping You Build A Strong Body & Healthy Mindset To Gain Back Your Confidence.

How I can help you

Together we can achieve so much more.

From workout plans, nutrition coaching to stress management – we’re going to look at all the areas of your life to determine where we can apply changes for your desired results. If you’re looking for long-term results instead of quick fixes, you’ve come to the right coach.

A holistic approach to health

I’ve been on both sides of the fence & have tried many different approaches, diets & workouts myself.

My approach looks at you as a whole person, considering the emotional, physical, social wellbeing of your needs as we’re striving to get the maximum potential out of you.

Goal Setting

Goal setting without needing to change your entire lifestyle & restricting yourself from the things you love in life. Together we’re going to set smart goals for you without stress or pressure to achieve balance.

Regular Exchange

I’m always just 1 click away. As your coach, I want to know how you’re getting along with your goals & when you face challenges. Not just when we have our scheduled sessions.

Stress Management

How to prevent, reduce & cope from stress. Managing stress is all about taking charge: taking charge of your thoughts, your emotions, your schedule, your environment, and the way you deal with problems



When it comes to goal setting, accountability means being held responsible for the achievement of your goals. & that’s what I’m here for. I’ve created specific tools so that you can become more disciplined, track your process & watch your own progress. 

Who Is This Coaching For?

My type of coaching is very personalized, requires transparency & honesty from your side. This is the only way I can provide the right support & help you reach your goals. My coaching is for people who want to achieve long-term results & are ready to invest in themselves for real results. No quick fixes. No bullshit.

About Me

I’m a certified movement & nutrition coach from Switzerland that loves to try different forms of movement. From a very young age, I’ve learned to be independent & make decisions on my own & got to travel a lot. I’ve always been a people person & knew that I wanted to spend my life helping other people become happier. 

I’ve tried a lot of different career paths before I became a holistic coach & reinvented myself over and over. About 10 years ago, I started building up my own business & started side hustling as a trainer. I’ve gained a lot of experience by taking & teaching classes like HIIT, bootcamps, spinning, kettlebell, functional training, conditioning, animal flow & mobility in the past & bring all that knowledge to my students. 

In very little time, I was able to turn my side hustle into my main business & found my passion in helping others become healthy. 

Since then, I was able to help & inspire many different people with my energy & approach. I follow a holistic approach to health & look at you as a whole person. I’m fully committed to helping you grow!

What my clients say

“Claudia’s coaching approach is refreshingly authentic & always tailor-made for you. It goes beyond being a fitness coach. She helped me open a lot of doors in my life, change the way I see myself & rediscover my confidence & find joy in moving “

“If you’re looking for a personal trainer with heart, passion, experience, soul, knowledge, positive energy & awareness…Claudia is the right one!

She gives you the right amount of motivation and dedication that will turn you into a Doer! By investing in her I invested 10x times more in myself “

“In Claudia, I’ve found not only a coach for life but also a great friend that helped me grow personally, mentally & spiritually. No matter what she does – Retreats, The Doers Club, Workout Classes, or Personal Training, she always gives you 150%. I have been with her for a while now & can’t imagine having a better coach than her. “

3-Months Mentorship Program

Whether it’s nutrition, physical training, or mental support, together we’ll create a bulletproof plan for you to feel, look & perform better. Weekly Check-in Calls, 24h-support in your health journey, accountability strategy board & plans included.


My Monthly Subscription 

The Doers Club is a community created to grow & train together. Next to weekly live or on-demand workouts, you’ll be growing your knowledge in mental health & other topics connected to health.

9-Week Starter Bundle

The Movement Guide & Nutrition Guide was created to help you get back on track with your fitness journey. It’s a 9-week follow-along program incl. a nutrition guide to help you strengthen your body & gain a basic understanding of nutrition.

CHF 59.90 for bundle

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