The online platform to help build strong bodies & healthy mindsets with weekly physical trainings & self-care routines in a safe space. 


You feel stuck in your fitness journey.

No matter how hard you try, you just don’t seem to get anywhere with your fitness goals. 

You're unmotivated to tackle new projects.

You actually know how to get there but you lost your drive & determination to go for it.

You're seeking for a safe space to grow.

You’re tired of the superficial – you want real connections with no fluff or bullshit. A community that truly is here for your needs. To serve & not to sell. 

You're looking for a more holistic approach to health.

You want a service that looks at you as a whole person. The physical, the emotional, the social & the spiritual side of you. 

It’s about time to give you a strategy, one that works for your body & current life situation with the power of



Your search for a community has come to an end. My family of like-minded people welcomes you to join our weekly innovative group trainings for every fitness level & weekly self-love talks. Movement practices, Breathwork, Self-Love Tools, Nutrition Talks & more. All in a safe space where you are guaranteed to succeed. 


Don’t feel completely ready to join the tribe & want more of a personal approach to reaching your goals?

Don’t worry, I got you. Get the full dose of Claudia where I prepare you mentally & physically for the doers club as an additional service.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

People think that they can solve their unhappiness by losing a few pounds, by having more money, or by buying more material things.

The actual problem, the reason WHY you’re not truly happy with your life, lies so much deeper than that.

I’m here to help you find yourself again.


After working with many people during the past 8 years & building a loyal customer base, I’ve come to recognize the pattern to success.


The solution to the problem.




Reach your physical & mental health goals with our weekly sessions. Self-care talks, movement practices, self-help methods & occassional guest experts make this experience a unique one for you to grow into the direction you want.  Be part of the live meet ups or rewatch later & soak in the knowledge. There’s no pressure.


We are all leaders & here to help each other grow. Our community is a safe space for people. We are truly here for each other, share the struggles we’re facing in today’s world & give each other advice or an ear to listen to. We hold each other accountable & tackle challenges together. No bullshit here. 


My approach is very different than what you’ve ever experienced before. Authenticity, compassion & transparency are key for success in your fitness or personal development journey. There’s no judgment & no comparison in this tribe, we welcome everyone, no matter their age, fitness level or background. There’s NOTHING you need to prepare for, claim your spot & take charge of your live.


The Physical

Weekly training sessions to reconnect yourself to your inner warrior & bring you back the joy of moving.

Keep your muscles & joints happy & your spirit connected. You only have one body, let’s take care of it in the best ways.

3 different workouts (live / on demand) The classes consist of 1x Mobility Session, 1x Cardio Interval Class (to the Beat of the music) & 1x Strength Class. My approach to movement is innovative, fun & adjusted to every fitness level.

You are set for the week & with a little bit of trust, you’ll see your body transform. Learn new skills every week to improve your strength, balance, agility, endurance & coordination. A holistic approach to fitness.

The Mental

Sundays are self-care days.

We explore more of our current mindsets & how we can change into becoming a better & mentally stronger version of ourselves. Every week is different & you have a saying in this too. Expect guided breathwork sessions, mini-meditations, self-care talks & exchanges with the tribe, occasional self-care challenges  & guest hosts from different fields. 

The Doers Forum

You’ll get access to a platform that was created for you to exchange & connect with the rest of the tribe. A safe space to ask questions & get guidance not just from me, but from the whole tribe.  No topic is off-topic.

Hey I’m Claudia

I’m a certified movement & nutrition coach from switzerland. Because of my free-spirited parents, I got to travel a lot as a kid. From a very young age, I’ve learned to be independent & make decisions on my own. I’ve always been a people person & knew that I wanted to spend my life helping other people succeed in life. 

I’ve tried a lot of different career paths. From working in the tourism industry, I ended up traveling a lot in my early adulthood & reinvented myself over and over. I’ve worked in marketing & social media companies before I started building up my own business to gain experience & started side hustling as a Trainer around 8 years ago. In very little time, I was able to turn my side hustle into my main business.

Since then, I was able to help & inspire many different people with my energy & knowledge. My approach goes beyond being a movement coach. I follow a holistic approach to health & always stay true to myself. And that’s what makes me unique.

What The Tribe Says

“I love the diversity & the introduction to many types of self-help methods. I found it very interesting to explore new practices!”

– Teresa

I love the format & combination of physical & mental trainings. The dynamic of the group couldn’t be better & I feel welcome & safe to talk about my fears as a male participant.”

– Alejandro

“The variety of workouts & talks that we have in the group, was exactly what I needed to get a step closer to myself & help me make the switch. The atmosphere that you create & your unique gift to motivat people & how you help people to open up, is something I’ve never experienced before.

– Laila

“I appreciate the community & how every individual is able to be heard, listened to & accepted by the tribe. We have a safe space to show our insecurities & learn to grow mentally!


Have any questions? Connect with me & tell me more about yourself before you join this platform or sign up right away through the sign-up button above