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Love Myself Guide


The guide to a more realistic approach to a healthy lifestyle is finally here!

The world has gone a little too crazy with diets, detox teas, and magic weight loss pills, wouldn’t you agree?

In this eBook, I want to share my approach to nutrition with you and show you that you don’t need to follow any crazy diet schemes to become healthy or lose some pounds. I’m a firm believer in balance, in every aspect of my life. With this guide, I want to give you control over your life by implementing minor changes into your lifestyle that will positively affect your overall health.

I’d love to get in touch with you & chat with you to know how you’re doing!

Use the hashtag #claudiasmovement to keep me updated on your progress!

Let’s become the best version of ourselves.

Love, Claudia



What can you find in this ebook?
  • 12 steps to understand your body better and finally get results
  • full grocery guide for your weekly shopping
  • 7-day food journal to track your eating habits
  • step by step instruction on how to lose weight healthily


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CHF 14.90 – Kaufen