<span itemprop="name">Steel Mace Level 1 – Workshop</span>

Steel mace workouts are the epitome of functional training. Steel Mace Training improves sports performance like no other fitness tool.

Functional training purposely demands balance and body awareness during training through the use of unilateral exercises. Functional training requires controlled amounts of instability so that the athlete must react in order to regain their own stability.

By design, functional training makes use of single leg and arm movements that demand balance to properly develop muscles.

In a fullday Course, Vincent Herzog and Mark Balsom will learn us to understand the base and then be able to progress, regress to take out the best of this tool. After this Course you know how to manage the tool and apply it as a complete training tool or just a side tool to help with performance and strength.

Course Overview:

– Specific warm up.

– The mace into the major movements (squat, press, lunges, hinges, pulls, rows)

– Rotational, multiplanar and 3D movement overview

– Cross crawl principles with the mace

– Landmarks and how to apply them in the static – fluide – dynamic movements with the mace

– Technical notions like “anti-rotation/counter rotation/purposeful rotation”

– How to manage acceleration and deceleration with an offset tool/load

– The history of the mace (tradition and modern)

– Specific applications.

– 4 workouts (1x squat + press / 1x lunges, hinges and rows / 1x dynamic movements / 1x a nice overview of all movements)

– 1 movement sequence/complex/flow that will finish the day off

– Specific mobility, decompression at the end.