On September 12th, a very special occasion will take place. You have been invited to this personally. For your eyes only. 

Magical Cacao & The Power of Breath

Have you ever wanted to experience a conscious, psychedelic journey to dive deeper into your inner world?

Do you feel ready to receive the medicine of the plants?

This is your chance to dive deeper into yourself.

Step into the unknown & let your inner compass guide you. 

 What & where:

Sunday 12th of September

At 1 pm we come together in a small circle of people to be guided by plant medicine & our breath on a journey to our inner world. 

Our homemade cacao will be infused with even more magic this time & you get to prepare your magical drink yourself.

I handpicked the medicine & experienced many journeys throughout this year with this magical plant & will take good care of you during your experience.

Please reach out to me before the workshop to clear up any questions you might have. I’m an expert in this field & am looking forward to guiding you through your (first) experience and help you build up trust with this perhaps new medicine.

The event will roughly finish around 5 pm. Food & beverages will be available.