To release old concepts and patterns of yourself & rebuild yourself from within

Strengthen your mental health and become more confident and powerful as an individual with the power of different self-care tools

“Once we can control our mental state, everything else will fall to place”.

Reclaim your power in only 2 days.


You feel restless

It’s like a piece of the puzzle is missing. You’re a hard worker, love to help others & try to show up for yourself as much as you can. But you haven’t found the right balance yet. Instead, your body feels drained & your mind restless.
Let me give you the tools you need to achieve balance your energy & level up!

You're stuck in comparison mode

You’re stuck in a negative loop of limiting beliefs & compare your progress / life with that of others.
You don’t know how to fully show up as yourself anymore & own YOU.
Ah, I feel you! It takes a lot of practice & courage to do som I’ve been there! I got you!

You feel disconnected to your body

You’ve tried many diets, workouts, programs, and endless supplements. At some point, you’ve always lost motivation & fell back to unhealthy habits and patterns. Don’t give up just yet, I’ll show you how to take control back over your body and mind!
Let’s develop self-trust, make you feel good inside your skin & work on regaining a healthy body image.

You struggle with keeping up boundaries

You’re a people pleaser, mean well, have a hard time saying no to others and yes to yourself & keep on attracting people into your life that aren’t helping you grow. & it will continue happening until you start putting yourself first.
I know how it feels trust me. It’s time to shift your priorities, find your voice back, and claim your power.

You want to optimize your health & wellbeing for good

You are your own best doctor. Become your own superhero, learn new techniques to improve your well-being without being dependent on someone else, and understand what truly works for you.


The benefits of blockwork

Learn the foundations of blockwork and how to use it to open up your hips and shoulders to release blocked energy, increase your mobility & feel better every day. No fitness level required. 

The power of breathwork

Breathwork is the most underestimated self-help tool there is. It’s our life force, freely accessible to us all & works quickly!  Breathwork is a powerful tool that helps relax your nervous system, combat stress, increase your athleti performance and live longer and pain-free! 

How to use fitness as a tool for mental strength

The abilities of power, strength, and endurance help you thrive in many other areas of your life & are the foundation of many successful people for a reason. Learn how to implement fitness as a tool, to gain mental strength, become more confident with your body & your professional pursuits. You have the power to change your reality. 

The importance of social health

Your social circle – whether it is online or offline has a big impact on how you see the world on a day-to-day basis.  I teach you how to cultivate a strong army of people who support you & cheer you on, rather than make you shrink. 

How to start setting strong boundaries

Boundaries are created so that you can stand in your own power. To define what’s ok & what’s NOT ok. With strong boundaries comes freedom and true happiness. It’s an act of self-love & we need to learn how to put ourselves first for good. 

Learn how to set up boundaries at work, in relationships, and with yourself to lead your life in the direction you want & use your time more efficiently.

The power of a spiritual practice

Spirituality can mean something different to you than it does to me. We’ll talk about spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, chanting, breathing exercises, ceremonies, rituals, and daily interactions with others. Why it is important to practice your spiritual development and how the spiritual practice helps the process of remaining conscious and aware.

The 5 pillars of health

I’ve come to the conclusion, that there are 5 pillars when it comes to your health: the mental, the physical, the emotional, the social, and the spiritual. Most of the time we only focus on 2 of them. 

We’ll scan through your pillars together so that you can identify the areas better in which you want to give yourself more love and attention. Remember: You are your own best doctor. Only you are capable to find your true recipe for success. 

The positive impacts of journaling

We’re going to talk about the psychological benefits of journaling and how you can use it to organize your brain, articulate your feelings and process emotions to free your brain from getting stuck in recursive loops. 

The person we are most likely to learn something from is the one whose work, wisdom, story, or purpose inspires something within us.