26-31 August ’23, Barcelona, Spain

Boost your confidence and rediscover your true self in a community of like-minded women. Join us for a week full of movement, expression and bonding experiences.

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What’s awaiting you:

A unique venue immersed in nature

A 1-week stay in an oasis-like estate and Eco farmhouse, immersed in the vineyards of Barcelona. A unique venue with a love for lots of details, completely for ourselves to dive deep, explore and treat ourselves. A quiet space, to come back home to and ground yourself.

Movement, Dance & Play

Express yourself through movement with us. Learn to move your body in non-conventional ways with the animal flow and mobility practices, overcome your fears of being seen and dance your heart out with our dance confidence teacher Sabou. No fitness level is required!

Workshops, Plant Medicine Journey, Personal Development

A full range of experiences including breathwork sessions, meditation, painting, singing, silent disco concerts, and women-sharing circles.

Workshops, activities, and plant medicine journeys covering topics such as boundary setting, energy work, emotion release, habit-building, and more


A tribe of like-minded women which whom you will build connections that last for life!

Luxurious dining experiences

A private chef during your entire stay prepares divine meals for us during our stay, to feel nourished and balanced from morning to evening. 

1:1 coaching

A 60min coaching session with Claudia Post-Retreat to help you integrate all the lessons learned

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Your home away from home

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Watch the video to see what’s waiting for you and what the other women took with them from the retreats

Your vibe attracts the same tribe.  We are a group of high-achieving women, that understand self-love isn’t selfish.

We invest in optimizing our well-being, in getting to know our triggers and patterns, in order to live a life of abundance and inspire others to do the same.

We come together in these retreats to gift ourselves the environment we need, to unplug and recharge.

If this is you, you’ve found your Tribe.




For more than a decade, I have been coaching women through my one-on-one coaching and retreats tailored specifically for women. My holistic approach emphasizes the interconnectedness of your physical, emotional, and mental health, as well as your relationships, patterns, and habits.

I pride myself on being a guide for women who are seeking to optimize their well-being by building better habits that lead to feeling good both inside and out. Together, we focus on building strength in your body through a variety of movement methods, including functional training, strength, HIIT, floorwork, spinning, animal flow, mobility drills.

At my retreats, you’ll have the opportunity to explore different practices and may even discover a new passion of yours. I have been hosting retreats both online and offline for the past four years, and I am committed to providing you with a transformative experience that will leave you feeling empowered, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world.

Our co-creators


Because we all have a special, unique gift to share. See who’s not just participating but also contributing!


Sabrine is a certified Dance Coach & Educator, with over 17 years of dancing experience and 5 years of teaching. She has built a community of well over a thousand Women. Sabrine has created dance digital courses for brands such as Nike, ASICS, Tommy Hilfiger, and taught in Europe’s biggest gym. She’s been devoting her energy and resources to supporting Women with the tools, mindsets, and safe space they need to express their voice without fears and live a life of alignment, fulfillment, and purpose.


Check out her work right here!

manuela haltiner - photography

Manuela has been part of our Tribe for quite some time and is gifting us with her beautiful eye for details through the lens. Check out her work! of her camera. She’s been the woman behind all our latest pictures on Social Media and we can’t wait to have her in our Tribe once more!



Frequently asked questions:

What's included in this retreat?

Luxurious 6-night stay in the Eco Farm in a beautifuly decorated luxury double room on shared basis, incl. all meals and drinks during your stay. This is a sober retreat however we are on a vineyard with easy access to local wine if you desire.

Transfers to/from Villa to Airport.

4x bodyweight training and movement training to build strength, improve mobility and find joy in moving by movement with Claudia

3x dance classes with Danceteacher and participant Sabou

1x rhythm cycling class in a studio in Barcelona to get your blood pumping and connect to the joy of rhythm cycle. 

4x workshops lead by Claudias Movement about personal growth to establish better boundaries, energetical balances and where you’re in a personal disbalance, communication and relationships in order to have better relationships and alter your realities.

1x psychedelics medicine journey incl. music journey and silent disco to explore your consciousness in a deeper way, connect to yourself and earth.

1x 1/2 day inhouse drawing workshop with painter Iris Tonies to claim your inner muse.

1x cacao and singing journey to open our throats and learn to speak our truth.

1x magical photoshoot with our inhouse photographer

Cozy Gamenights by the fire, Movienights, Roundtable Talks and much more!

1x 50min 1:1 coaching with Claudia to optimize your well-being post-retreat.

We like to go with the flow of the group, certain activities might change depending on our mood. I always have some more surprises up my sleeve but you get a general idea.

I will send a detailed itinerary a few weeks before the retreat.

What's excluded?

Flights to/from Barcelona Airports.

Everything else is covered.

Do I need a visa for Spain?

In most cases: no! But it does depend on where you’re from!

If you’re coming from Europe, you’ll probably get a tourist visa without problems. It’s your responsibility to check this, I’ll happily help you with finding the right sites.

What are the cancellation fees?

Once you’ve paid for the deposit of the retreat you’re signed up for the retreat. I will reach out to you after to schedule a call with you to check in on all your questions for the retreat and make sure the vibe fits. You’ll then get access to purchase the retreat after our call. From that moment on, the deposit is non-refundable (CHF 300). Cancellations 66 days before the check-in date are non-refundable. Cancellations need to be sent in an e-mail (Audios / Whatsapp doesn’t count as a cancellation) to claudias.movement@gmail.com

Is this retreat going to be held in english?

YES! I want to make this retreat available to everyone, english therefore is easiest! Since we always have many german speaking people, we can probably also implement some Denglish or Spanglish.

What's the average age of the participants?

I would say it’s from 30-45 years although I never ask for the age. This is a lucky guess. We attract the same vibe of people no matter the age! People that are able to move, want to grow individually, learn from new experiences and are here to connect!


Looking back on this wonderful week, I can only say that I have rarely experienced people and moments that have such a lasting impact on my life right now. I feel alive again, inspired and energised. It was a heart-opening experience that went beyond body and mind. It taught me that everything is connected and that I don’t need to feel alone with certain issues. We are all in the same boat on a journey into the unknown. Only one thing is certain, we will never stop learning and growing as long as we travel, literally and metaphorically. Thank you for this extraordinary gift!


32, Germany

If I had to summarize this retreat in just three words, they would be sisterhood, heart-opening, and fun. I was amazed at how quickly I connected with everyone, despite being strangers at first. Clouds created a safe and welcoming space where we could be vulnerable, share our experiences, and support each other as we stepped out of our comfort zones and learned more about ourselves. Not only did I have a lot of fun, but I also gained a greater sense of trust in myself and a clearer vision for my life. I am so grateful for this transformative experience, these “strangers” who have become dear friends in such a short amount of time, and the memories I will always treasure.


33, Switzerland

The second time I had the opportunity to participate in Claudia’s retreat, and once again, it was AMAZING! Inspiration, connections, empowerment, embracing, and powerful. I am so grateful for the moments with the girls and the genuine relationship that has been built together to grow even more. Thank you, Clouds, for having the power to create something this beautiful and a safe space for women in this world. 🌎🫰🏽

Marie, Retreat Repeater

30, Switzerland

The retreat was all about quality time and connection with beautiful female souls in magical surroundings.  A filled program with many diverse activities bringing you out of your comfort zone and beyond
Leaving you replenished, fulfilled, and empowered. ❤️


34, Belgium

It has been a week full of many new experiences in different ways! From physical to mental, from joyful to deep and sad. It feels like it has been much longer! And the connections I made with those beautiful humans are truly special. I am super thankful for it and would recommend it to everyone who wants to feel alive.


29, Switzerland

Claudia has been accompanying me for a few years now and I have already attended a few very intense and beautiful workshops with her. However, the retreat was like the pinnacle, and I was able to let go during the week. Claudia knows how to bring together groups that harmonize so well. The days were intense but full of joy, and I myself made the greatest gift with the retreat: time and moments for me to move forward. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Claudia for your work and your creations. It was so wonderful!

Manuela, Retreat Repeater

38, Switzerland

This experience, like any, is what you make of it. But picture being surrounded by nature, a group of amazing vulnerable women holding space for each other, in a safe environment, on a paradise island… yup! There’s a lot of introspection, collective reflection and soooo many fun, daring activities with enough time to wonder solo. There’s no judgment, just pure kindness and a Momma-bear hostess to take care of you, but also hold you accountable. Just like magic: it only works if you believe in it; but I recommend and encourage any woman who wants to do more self-exploration, to dare to reTREAT themselves with Claudia’s Movement!


34, El Salvador

The retreat with Clouds was a transformative experience where I was pushed out of my comfort zone. Clouds created a safe space and brought together a group of women who supported each other. Like a real sisterhood🤍 The workshops and activities were inspiring and profound. Clowds’ presence and empathy were remarkable, and the retreat helped me overcome my fears and strengthen myself. I am grateful for this experience and highly recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to attend a retreat with Clouds.


36, Switzerland

I have seen the retreat invitations several times before but didn’t dare to sign up. Spending a week under one roof with 10 other women? That couldn’t go well. But that fear was completely unfounded. The group was truly perfect. From the very first moment, I felt comfortable. This, and many moments during the retreat, showed me that we can step out of our comfort zones and something good happens when we allow it. Claudia was always attentive to us, challenging us, sharing a wealth of knowledge, but also accepting when something didn’t feel right for us. The program was diverse and a lot of fun. The ice bath was the highlight for me. The support, unity, and singing our song together will stay with me forever. Thank you.



This retreat was a turning point in my life. It’s incredible what love can do! When women support women. I’m happy I listened to the call and made this decision!



I found new paths to explore movement, connected to so many aspects of feminine energy. It was a proper way to start a year with myself!


39, Poland

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