16-22 March 23, Ko Phangan, Thailand

Embrace self-love and boost your confidence in a supportive community of like-minded women. Join us on a transformative journey of growth, exploration, and discovery

If you want to join a Tribe of like-minded women in an environment where you feel SAFE to let go of past conditioning like jealousy, toxic comparison to others, and body insecurities, KEEP READING!

My retreats are an experience of a lifetime & have helped many women just like YOU, find their “clicking point”.

Strengthen the bond to your feminine sides and masculine sides, and immerse yourself in a luxurious experience full of movement, love, connections, new activities, relaxation, cosmic conversations, laughter, fun, and nature.

Grow in confidence, gain new knowledge about holistic health and how to manage your emotional and mental health, find new spiritual practices to support you in your everyday life, and experience the full spectrum of YOU.

I promise you this: something within you will click.

You will walk out of this retreat feeling like a stronger version of yourself.

More connected to your authentic self, letting go of old belief systems and connected to your feminine and masculine sides.

That’s why so many of my people are repeating clients!

Let’s be vulnerable, bold. Let’s grow together.


What’s awaiting you:


A luxurious experience on the tropical island of Ko Phangan is awaiting you! The Villa Chao Pao is really on another level. Expect stunning sunsets, generous room space for you & the tribe inside and outside, the comfiest beds ever & a fully equipped house for all your needs with the most delicious foods!

Villa Chao Pao charms visitors with its minimalist architecture, elegant interiors with a bohemian chic soul and its hanging garden that blends into a lush jungle. The immense 600m² outdoor area includes a shaded sala where you can relax in a hammock to the rhythm of the waves, a terrace furnished with several sunbeds and a 16m long infinity salt-water pool. I can see you sipping a coconut in our pool already!


Together we’ll explore the world of movement: conscious moving practices, mobility drills, dancing, bodyweight strength training & of course traditional muay thai at my favorite place. Deep-dive into the world of movement & find your style!


The full dose of Claudia’s magic: Boundary Setting workshops (how to say no with more confidence), energy workshops (finding harmony in your energies), emotion-release workshops, habit-building workshops (break bad ones & build new ones), and so much more!

The full spectrum: Breathwork sessions, Pottery, Painting, Dancing, Singing, Magical Experiences, Live Concerts, Icebath Experience, Magic Mushroom Ceremony, Cacao Ceremony, Mirror Work Practices, Journaling, Meditation, Hiking, Women Sharing Circles & lots of fun!

A glimpse into last year’s retreat schedule.

If you like to go with the flow of life, you’re gonna love how we vibe in our retreats. If we as a Tribe feel we need to change or reschedule certain activities we’ll do that together. If our interests are collectively pulling us into another direction, we follow that path.

Watch the video to let your heart feel what’s waiting for you and what the other women took with them from last year’s experience:

Your vibe attracts the same tribe.  We are a group of high-achieving women, that understand self-love isn’t selfish.

We invest in optimizing our well-being, in getting to know our triggers and patterns, in order to live a life of abundance and inspire others to do the same.

We come together in these retreats to gift ourselves the environment we need, to unplug and recharge. 

If this is you, you’ve found your Tribe.


Me in a nutshell:

I’ve been coaching women for over 10 years now.  I offer 1:1 coaching and retreats specifically for women. And I do it all with a holistic approach.  We look at you as a whole and cover more than just the body mind and spirit, but also your relationships, patterns, and habits.

I like to call myself a guide for women and help you optimize your well-being through my skill set to help you build better habits that make you feel good inside and out. 

When working with me, we work on building strength in your body, through a variety of movement methods stemming from functional training, strength, hiit, floorwork, spinning, animal flow, mobility drills, capoeira. 

You’ll be able to dive into different practices in my retreat as well. And who knows? Perhaps you discover a new passion of yours.

I’ve been hosting retreats for 4 years now – offline & online.

Frequently asked questions:

What's included in this retreat?

6-night stay in Villa Chao Pao in a shared luxury room, incl. breakfast and dinner.

3x bodyweight training and movement training to build strength, improve mobility and find joy in moving by movement expert Nomadslim and Claudias Movement.

3x workshops lead by Claudias Movement about personal growth to establish better boundaries, energetical balances and where you’re in a personal disbalance, communication and relationships in order to have better relationships and alter your realities.

2x muay thai classes with jomhud muay thai centre to dive into the art of traditional thai boxing.

1x pottery class to learn how to create things with your own hands using clay and your inner artist.

1x psychedelics medicine journey incl. music journey by a DJ and meditation by Claudias Movement to explore your consciousness in a deeper way, connect to yourself and earth.

1x full day Integrational permaculture workshop by national geographic educator Gui Brotto to learn how to grow plants , transform kitchen waste into soil and make art with dried flowers.

We like to go with the flow of the group, certain activtities might change depending on our mood. I always have some more suprises up my sleeve but you get a general idea.

I will send a detailed itinerary a few weeks before the retreat.

What's excluded?

Flights to/from destination such as transfers from/to Pier to Villa are excluded since everbody will arrive individually.

I’ll happily assist you with your transfer reservations & boat transfer from/to Ko Phangan. Just ask away, I know the island very well!

Do I need a visa to enter Thailand?
In most cases: no! But it does depend on where you’re from!

If you’re coming from Europe, you’ll probably get a tourist visa without problems. It’s your responsibility to check this, I’ll happily help you with finding the right sites. Best, check the website of your country’s Thai embassy, just to make sure.

You don’t need to be vaccinated to enter Thailand, however, it does make things easier.

What are the cancellation fees?

Once you’ve filled out the contact form, you’re signed up! The deposit is non-refundable (CHF 300), cancellations 66 days before the check-in date are non-refundable. Cancellations need to be sent in an e-mail (Audios / Whatsapp doesn’t count as a cancellation).

Is this retreat going to be held in english?

YES! I want to make this retreat available to everyone, english therefore is easiest! Since we always have many german speaking people, we can probably also implement some Denglish.

What's the average age of the participants?

I would say it’s from 30-45 years although I never ask for the age. This is a lucky guess. We attract the same vibe of people no matter the age! People that are able to move, want to grow individually, learn from new experiences and are here to connect!


One of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. I felt the energy, connection, trust, and acceptance. Everyone held space for each other and it’s very organic connection we had without any pushes. It was a safe space where you can open yourself up with your own boundary. The activities we’ve done can or cannot be the first time but the journey that you’ll experience will definitely be different.


Heart opening, empowering and connecting. New daily experiences, physically, emotionally and spiritually. A curated journey to open your heart and for you to deeply connect with yourself and others.



This retreat was a turning point in my life. It’s incredible what love can do! When women support women. 



Found new paths to explore movement, connection and so many aspects of feminine energy in all of us. It was a proper way to start a year with myself



Option A: Pay in Full

Apply now, schedule a call with me and if accepted, pay the deposit of CHF 300.- and the rest immediately after. 

CHF 3’200

Option B: Pay 3x partial payments

Apply now, hop on a call with me and if it fits, you pay the deposit of CHF 300 and the remaining amount in 3 installments of CHF 1100.-


CHF 1’100

Apply for the experience of your lifetime

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