I wasn’t always as fit as I am now. On the contrary.

Four years ago you could consider me as slightly obese, or in other words, one could describe me as a party girl who liked to over do it on the drinks front.

For me, nothing worked without alcohol und fatty foods. When it came to alcohol and food, I knew no limit.

Did I follow a healthy diet and do sports? No way, both were alien to me.


Did I willingly do something good for my body? No chance.

Did I feel comfortable with my body? Of course not, but at the same time I didn’t want to change anything because I saw no way out.

I did not value myself at all. Uncertainties were covered up with a lot of make-up, fancy clothes, alcohol and fast food.


Until one day. 


I looked at myself in the mirror, and I just couldn’t stand the sight of my reflection.

With conviction, I said to myself: This cannot continue. This is not really me, and this is not the kind of person I want to be.


I decided to completely change the way I lived my life and rediscover the person that I kept hidden under a veneer of overindulgence.

And that is exactly what I did.


THIS is the story of my transformation into the best version of myself.

The Movement

I began to learn about healthy eating and fitness, researched the Internet, and via Instagram, I allowed myself to be inspired by other accounts in order to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. I knew that this change would not happen overnight, so I tried to put myself under no pressure whatsoever.

Therefore, standing on the scales was forbidden, just like calorie counting or excessive consumption of alcohol and greasy foods. I began to change my eating habits, to minimize my alcohol consumption, and to do some exercises every now and then.


After only three weeks, I could already see first successes. This newly acquired control over my body was incredibly liberating and motivated me to keep fighting. I never felt this good before, actually, I feel amazingly good – from the inside and the outside.


I can consider myself very fortunate because not only did I discover a completely new view on life, but also, I found a way to live and follow my passion – to help and inspire other people to a healthier and happier life. On my way there I learned so much about self-love, sports and nutrition. And that is exactly what I want to share with you.


This inspiration and lifestyle paradigm motivated me to create Claudia’s Movement. I want to inspire you to a healthier lifestyle, so that once again, you will feel comfortable in your own skin and have the energy and desire to exploit your full potential.


With me, there are no crash diet plans or workout guides that are supposed to miraculously help you to extreme weight loss or a J. Lo butt. Why? Because I do not believe in it. Building a healthy relationship with food and sport is what I want to share with you because your health is the most important thing of all.

Are you ready to finally become the best version of yourself?