I help Cycling Studios stand out

& transform coaches into next level leaders

Brands today are more than just the products and services of a company – they are an extension of a person’s identity.

claudia Schoettli-Serrano:

7 years of spin experience

8 years of consulting experience

studios visited in: Switzerland, Italy, Thailand, Kuwait, el salvador, mexico



Master Indoor Cycling Coach & Founder of the Platform Rhythm-Cycling.com

Leading from the heart is the way of the future. Especially in the saturated market of rhythm cycling.

Connecting back to the WHY you’re doing what you’re doing is the key to your future success. 

I help coaches re-connect back to their gifts and away from the comparison to be fully seen in their abilities and appreciated for who they are.

I make studios stand out with their unique team of leaders and USP, by educating your team from my expertise as a Coach, Rider, Mentor & Consultant, so that you can grow your existing community & become a pioneer in this industry.


She taught me how to get to know myself better as a coach and how to connect with all varieties of clients on a deeper, authentic, and human level during class. 

She gave me the tools I needed to implement in my new position as a head coach and how to be an empathetic, responsible and honest leader with the rest of the coaches.

We rode together on the podium several times and I learned so much from her authority, knowledge, and her unique way of taking people into a story with her playlist.


Head Coach, Beat Studio, El Salvador

I am so thankful to have met Claudia, she helped me grow as not only a studio manager, but a leader, boss, and entrepreneur. I feel more confident and structured in my working area and can see and feel the improvement her visit had on my team.


Studio Manager, Beat Studio, El Salvador



My seminars & workshops are designed to improve a coach’s leadership skills, confidence, and performance in class.

Learn how to:

– become a better coach by becoming a more authentic leader and performer in class

– create playlists that not just sound good but tell a story and improve the rider’s skills in strength, coordination, and musicality.

– learn to build smart combos and queue them correctly

– create and hold up the energy in your classes without over-choreographing or over-complicating things

– connect and create profound, meaningful experiences with your riders during class (it’s not just a workout)

– transmit your authentic vibe with your music & your voice (incl. voice training & musicality training)

– lead your rider off and onstage with complete confidence & authority

– create real moments of connection and growth in your class without faking who you are

All cycling workshops are based on the studio’s needs and can last from 3-6 hours divided into two workshop days.


I love visiting spinning studios worldwide, taking classes & giving some myself whenever I have the chance!

As a world citizen, I’m always traveling for projects, do reach out to me if you’re thinking of working with me.

Depending on a studio’s needs, I teach private classes to their spinning instructors to improve specific needs OR give guest classes in the studio for their riders.

These classes can be themed-based or regular classes (for example, help riders improve their riding styles, become better at sprints, coordination, etc.).


Are you about to open a studio and are looking for somebody with experience to assist you with all spinning-related questions?

I help you build a brand and bring structure into your company! From coaching a team to assisting studio managers with making the smartest investment decisions, I’ll help you save money.

I’ve had the pleasure of consulting and assisting studio brands in the past & would love to help you stand out in this saturated market!

Let’s change the game together

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