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Brands today are more than just the products and services of a company – they are an extension of a person’s identity.

claudia Schoettli-Serrano:

8 years of spin experience

8 years of consulting experience

taught in: Switzerland, Italy, Thailand, Kuwait, el salvador, mexico, malaysia, holland



Indoor Cycling Coach & Founder of the Platform Rhythm-Cycling.com

Leading from the heart is the way to the future, especially in a saturated market like rhythm cycling.

Connecting back to the WHY you’re doing what you’re doing is the key to your future success. 

I help coaches reconnect back to their gifts and away from the comparison to be fully seen in their abilities and appreciated for who they are.

I make studios stand out with their unique team of leaders and USP, by educating your team from my expertise as a Coach, Rider, Mentor & Consultant, so that you can grow your existing community & become a pioneer in this industry.


She taught me how to get to know myself better as a coach and how to connect with all varieties of clients on a deeper, authentic, and human level during class. 

She gave me the tools I needed to implement in my new position as a head coach and how to be an empathetic, responsible and honest leader with the rest of the coaches.

We rode together on the podium several times and I learned so much from her authority, knowledge, and her unique way of taking people into a story with her playlist.


Head Coach, Beat Studio, El Salvador

I am so thankful to have met Claudia, she helped me grow as not only a studio manager, but a leader, boss, and entrepreneur. I feel more confident and structured in my working area and can see and feel the improvement her visit had on my team.


Studio Manager, Beat Studio, El Salvador

Here at Native Cycle, we’re so grateful to have worked with Claudia since the beginning of starting our studio. She has been a part of our journey since the start by helping us to identify our unique value and laying the foundation for what will differentiate us from other studios in the Indoor Cycling Industry; leading our first intensive academy and creating the team.

Claudia has brought so much value to our team with her energy and knowledge and we’re thankful that she’s a part of our family as our Head Coach. She has an authentic, joyful energy and brings this out in our team too. Not only that, she has also equipped us with the tools we need to connect better with our clients on a more authentic level in and outside of the spin room.


Co-Founder, Native Cyle, Thailand



Unlock Your Coaching Potential: Elevate Leadership, Authenticity, and Performance in Class

  • Develop Authentic Leadership: Enhance your coaching skills by becoming a more authentic leader and performer in class. Gain the confidence and presence to inspire and motivate riders on a deeper level.

  • Craft Engaging Playlists: Learn to create playlists that go beyond just sounding good. Discover how to curate music that tells a story and enhances riders’ strength, coordination, and musicality for a truly immersive experience.

  • Master Smart Combos and Cueing: Acquire the skills to build intelligent combinations and cue them effectively. Streamline your coaching approach and deliver seamless transitions that keep riders engaged and in sync.

  • Energize Your Classes: Create and sustain high energy levels without over-choreographing or over-complicating routines. Learn techniques to keep the energy flowing naturally, ensuring a dynamic and captivating experience for riders.

  • Foster Meaningful Connections: Move beyond a simple workout and create profound, meaningful experiences with your riders. Discover methods to connect on a personal level, fostering a sense of community and growth within your classes.

  • Transmit Authentic Vibes: Harness the power of your voice and music to transmit your unique vibe. Receive voice training and musicality guidance to communicate effectively and create an atmosphere that resonates with riders.

  • Lead with Confidence and Authority: Project confidence and authority both on and off the stage. Develop the skills to lead your riders with conviction, empowering them to reach new levels of performance.

  • Cultivate Genuine Connections: Create authentic moments of connection and growth in your classes by staying true to who you are. Learn strategies to foster genuine interactions that leave a lasting impact on riders.

Tailored Cycling Workshops: Customize the workshop duration to meet your studio’s needs. Choose from immersive sessions lasting 3-6 hours, divided into two workshop days, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful learning experience.


As a passionate world citizen, I have a deep love for spinning. I enjoy visiting spinning studios around the globe, immersing myself in classes, and even sharing my expertise whenever the opportunity arises!

Traveling for Projects: If you’re interested in collaborating with me, reach out! As I embark on various projects worldwide, I’m open to exploring partnerships with spinning studios like yours.

Tailored to Your Needs: Depending on your studio’s specific requirements, I offer two exciting options:

1: Private Instructor Classes: Enhance your spinning instructors’ skills by providing them with personalized training tailored to address specific needs. Together, we can improve their teaching techniques and expertise, ensuring exceptional classes for your riders.

2: Guest Classes for Riders: Inject a fresh energy into your studio by inviting me as a guest instructor. Whether you prefer themed-based classes or regular sessions, I can cater to your preferences. From refining riding styles to mastering sprints and coordination, I’m here to help your riders achieve their fitness goals and elevate their spinning experience.

Contact me today to discuss how we can work together and bring excitement and growth to your spinning community.


Building Your Dream Studio or Enhancing Your Current One? I’m Here to Help You Succeed!

Whether you’re about to open a spinning studio or looking to enhance your existing one, I offer comprehensive consulting services to guide you towards success.

Brand Building and Structural Guidance: Let me assist you in building a strong brand identity and bringing structure to your company, whether you’re a new or established studio. From establishing a cohesive brand image to optimizing operational systems, I’ll help your studio stand out in the competitive market.

Coaching and Team Development: Elevate the performance of your team, whether they’re new instructors or seasoned professionals. Through coaching and mentoring, I’ll equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to deliver exceptional spinning experiences. By fostering a culture of growth and excellence, we’ll create a supportive environment for your riders.

Smart Investment Decisions: Whether you’re starting fresh or looking to optimize your current setup, making intelligent investment decisions is crucial. With my guidance, you’ll navigate the complexities of the industry and make informed choices that save you money and maximize your returns.

Proven Consultation Track Record: I’ve had the pleasure of consulting and assisting various studio brands, both new and ongoing. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the industry, I’m dedicated to helping your studio thrive and evolve in this saturated market.

Let’s Make Your Studio a Success: Together, we’ll transform your vision into reality, whether you’re starting from scratch or seeking to enhance your current studio. Benefit from my expertise, knowledge, and passion for spinning as we build or refine a studio that captivates and inspires both your team and riders. 

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